People in Hanoi are no longer unfamiliar with the image of train tracks located in the middle of their living area. And that place is lovingly called by the people "Hanoi train street" or "train street village". This place has become a unique and famous destination that attracts tourists to visit and explore, especially foreign tourists. Lets come to the train street to experience this unique beauty right in the heart of the capital city.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, you must definitely visit this famous train street. The railway corridor stretching from Kham Thien to Giai Phong - Dai Co Viet intersection and from Dien Bien Phu through Tran Phu street and then running along Phung Hung street up to Long Bien bridge, has become a famous and popular place, uniqueness of Hanoi people.

This train route has a long history, formed during the French colonial period. Today, that street has become an attractive tourist destination in Hanoi, especially for foreign tourists. The simple scene of the local people combined with the unique feature of the train tracks running across, it has created a unique scene in the heart of the bustling city. Coming here, it will not be difficult for you to see photo hunters preparing cameras or scenes of locals moving their tables back to the railway platform when the trains pass by. A feeling of and excitement when witnessing the train crossing right before your eyes.

Many people know about Train Street thanks to the artistic and unique check-in photos here. That's why when you come to this street, you definitely have to have cool check-in photos here. With a unique backdrop of colorful painted walls, train tracks and images of the daily lives of local people, it will definitely give you million-view photos. Impressive Vietnam Travel

Along the train street, you will have the opportunity to admire impressive street art works created by domestic and foreign artists. The paintings reflect the culture, history and daily life of the local people here, all of which bring a unique color to this train street.

Enjoy a cup of coffee at the train street and local cuisine
Located along Hanoi's train street are small shops to serve tourists who come here to visit. Some famous shops here such as Duong Tau Cafe, Dong Duong Station Cafe... attract many people to check-in. Choose for yourself a place to sip a delicious cup of coffee, check-in and wait for the train to pass by, you will feel the unique beauty that can only be found in the capital Hanoi.

The special thing when you travel to and visit this train street is the image of houses and cafes located close to each other right on both sides of the train tracks, creating an attraction for tourists. The train schedule will be posted here so that people and tourists can come see the train and be more careful when crossing the street to ensure safety. Trains often run in the early morning or at night, so daytime is the ideal time to enjoy coffee right in the middle of the tracks. Therefore, the feeling of sitting in the middle of the train tracks taking photos and drinking coffee creates a feeling of suspense and excitement. The rows of ancient houses nestled on the side of the road are also an attraction for tourists.

Learn more about people's daily lives
Coming to Hanoi Train Street is not only to check-in, but this is also an opportunity for you to meet and interact with local people here. Hanoi people are very friendly, they will be willing to share with you about their lives, help you better understand Hanoi's culture, art and interesting stories in this place. Therefore, your trip to Hanoi becomes more memorable and meaningful than ever.

Best time to visit to the train street
To make your visit to the train street convenient, you should check the train schedule before arriving. In the morning, there are very few trains passing by, so you can travel and explore the ancient space here, the small neighborhoods and experience the daily lives of people in the most realistic way. In the evening is the time for you to watch the street's activities and enjoy food and drinks.

Not flashy, not extravagant like other beautiful streets, Hanoi's train street brings an ancient, peaceful and gentle beauty in its own way. Take time during your trip to Hanoi to explore this unique street of the city, it will definitely bring you many interesting experiences.