Best time to travel to Tra Su cajuput forest
From my experience visiting Tra Su Melaleuca forest, you can come here at any time of the year because this area is not much affected by weather factors. However, to be able to fully admire the beauty of Tra Su Melaleuca forest, you should come between September and November. This is the flood season in the Mekong delta, most of the forest area will be submerged in water. You will be able to row your boat into the forest, exploring the rich and diverse ecosystem.

How to get there
Tra Su cajuput forest is about 30km from Chau Doc town and about 64km from Long Xuyen city. Currently, there are no buses passing through this route. Therefore you should go to Chau Doc city first and then rent a motorbike or taxi to get around however motorbikes will be the most suitable means of transportation as it helps you save costs and is also suitable for winding roads leading into the forest. Traveling by motorbike will also let you enjoy fresh air and admire the majesty of An Giang mountains and hills. Ethnic Travel Vietnam.

What to prepare to visit Tra Su cajuput forest?
Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is still a wild, rustic and peaceful forest. At the same time, most sightseeing activities are outdoors. Therefore, when preparing your luggage, remember to bring all the following items: wide-brimmed hat, umbrella, raincoat, sunscreen, insect repellent, drinking water, and some snacks. Besides, to conveniently travel you should choose simple, light clothes and sports shoes...

What to eat in Tra Su Melaleuca forest?
When visiting Tra Su Melaleuca forest, you can rest assured that a full range of food and beverage services are always ready to serve, you can freely enjoy rustic dishes at affordable prices.

Within the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Ecotourism Area, you will find two culinary restaurants with quite good quality. The first is Ut Thao restaurant right next to the motorboat wharf, the second is Tra Su restaurant located at the observation tower. Both of these restaurants serve local specialties such as paddy mice, grilled snakehead fish, sour hotpot with sesbania fish, howler fish cooked with water lily, grilled chicken with cajuput honey... You can also eat in cool leaf huts while admiring the majestic natural scenery, breathing fresh air with the faint scent of cajuput resin.

In addition, when going through the sightseeing path on the ten thousand steps bridge, you can also enjoy many strange and equally attractive snacks such as palm beef cake, bananas smashed with coconut milk, and sticky corn.. The most delicious is the cool glasses of palm jaggery, made from the typical type of An Giang region.

Things to note when going to Tra Su Melaleuca forest
Below are a few more experiences going to Tra Su Melaleuca forest that the I want to share with you:
- The tourist area is open to visitors from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, you should check the weather forecast in advance to avoid coming here on a rainy day because at this time the air will be very humid, rainwater on the leaves and trees can easily make your clothes wet.
- When visiting the bamboo bridge for walking, you should walk slowly, not jostling, pushing or joking to avoid danger.
- If you want to sit on the boat and experience rowing a sampan, you should sit firmly to maintain balance, and should not put your hands outside the boat.
- You should not bring a lot of cash or jewelry. Store your phone and wallet carefully in the bag so that you don't drop it when getting on or off the boat.
- During the trip, please comply with the regulations of the tourist area and tour guide, do not light fires in the forest, and do not put rubbish in the area.

Above are the experiences of going to Tra Su cajuput forest. Hope you have a smooth trip and discover many interesting things here.