Known as the city of red Flamboyant flowers - Hai Phong is always an ideal destination for short trips. With a series of diverse tourist attractions, Hai Phong is not only a place of wonderful beauty but also a destination of unique culinary culture, creating special marks in the hearts of visitors. Right now, let's join us to list the top famous tourist destinations in Hai Phong that you cannot miss!

1. Hai Phong museum
Asiatica Travel. This Hai Phong tourist attraction is a place to introduce history and revolution, as well as the unique cultural identity of the Port city and its people. The museum is one of the most famous Gothic architectural works in Europe. Tourists visiting this place are not only attracted by the unique architecture but also admire interesting galleries and hear introductions to Hai Phong on many diverse topics. In addition, the museum also regularly organizes research activities on climate, land, soil, archaeological relics, and historical culture, attracting the attention of historians and archaeologists. and many tourists.

2. Hai Phong Opera House
This Hai Phong tourist attraction was built in the early years of the 20th century, so it has the cultural architecture of that period with ancient Baroque architecture, typical of European architectural style. Previously, the theater was the center of political and cultural activities of the French. However, currently, Hai Phong Opera House is used to celebrate major holidays, important events of the city and the country, as well as a place to perform special artistic activities.

3. Hai Phong Cathedral
The Cathedral is considered an important historical attraction in Hai Phong. With the typical Gothic architecture of Catholic churches, this place has been ranked among the most famous Catholic buildings in Vietnam. The large space of the church is arranged with old trees creating a cool green space. The campus inside the church is delicately designed with a length of 47m and a width of 17m, large enough to organize activities. The most unique and attractive feature of Hai Phong Cathedral is the bell tower system, with a height of up to 28 meters. Especially during Christmas holidays, the church attracts many tourists to visit.

4. Tuyet Tinh Coc
Tuyet Tinh Coc is a famous Hai Phong tourist destination with beautiful and mysterious scenery, attracting thousands of tourists every year. In complete contrast to the city, the moment you set foot in Tuyet Tinh Coc, you will surely be impressed by the peace and quiet of this place. In the middle is a large, clear blue lake, surrounded by many towering rocky mountains, creating two main colors of blue and white mixed together, further enhancing the charming and poetic scenery. Besides, Tuyet Tinh Coc is also famous for being able to change the light and dark color of the lake water according to each time of day. The reason for this strangeness is that the lake surface is as clear as a giant mirror, reflecting the sky above. Here, there is no need to prepare much, most people just need to raise their cameras and immediately have masterpieces of a lifetime. The jade-like green color, sparkling in the sunlight, is the perfect backdrop for every ecstatic check-in photo.

5. Tuong Long Tower Pagoda
Tuong Long Tower Pagoda is a pagoda dating back to the Ly Dynasty, located on a large plot of land at the top of Ngoc Mountain, Do Son district. Through many events of time and history, the pagoda has been seriously degraded. In 2010, the pagoda was restored and became the Tuong Long Tower Pagoda complex with 20 bronze statues weighing more than 20 tons, a 9-storey Tuong Long tower and a 1000kg temple bell modeled after the Van Ban pagoda bell and many additional architectural works. other. Today, many tourists come to Tuong Long Tower Pagoda to visit valuable artifacts with details, materials, and patterns made from wood, stone, tiles, and bricks from the Ly Dynasty.

6. Elephant Mountain
Elephant Mountain is located more than 20km from the center of the red poinciana city, is a famous Hai Phong tourist destination with its natural beauty and rich history. This place is often compared to the image of a giant elephant lying prostrate. Elephant Mountain will bring wonderful experiences, you will enjoy the wild and mysterious beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites of many beautiful caves such as: Nam Tao Cave, Carp Cave, Long Tien Cave ... In addition, this place also has many famous spiritual architectural works such as Chi Lai and Long Hoa. Although it needs more investment and development, Elephant Mountain tourism still attracts tourists. When you come here, you can bring food, tents and organize extremely interesting picnics yourself.

7. Tien Lang hot spring
Tien Lang Hot Springs is a health care eco-tourism area. This is also a destination chosen by many young people traveling to Hai Phong. This place has an area of about 10 hectares and is divided into many different areas. The areas here are arranged in harmony with nature, bringing a feeling of comfort and impression at first sight. At the hot mineral springs, you will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and immerse yourself in naturally warm water. The hot water here contains mineral salts that are beneficial for health, supporting the treatment of bone, joint and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the resort also provides many other services such as mineral mud bath, swimming, sauna, facial and body massage...

8. Trang Trinh Temple
Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Temple, located in Trung Am village, Vinh Bao district, is an important relic complex that has been ranked at national level by the state since 1991. This Hai Phong tourist attraction is a place of worship. remember Nguyen Binh Khiem, who made great contributions to the education and training of many famous generals for the country during that period. In addition, he is also known as a great Vietnamese philosopher. He is an expert in numerology and is revered by the people as the "prophet" of Vietnam with a series of prophecies for posterity that people call "Sham Trang Trinh".

9. Cat Bi market
This land also has a snack "paradise" that makes "food gods" crave, delicious, cheap, and diverse, which is Cat Bi Market Cuisine. Cat Bi Market is located about 10km from the city center, so people can easily move here by many different means such as motorbikes, taxis... Cat Bi Market is a quite famous and familiar market, not only for locals. The people of Dat Cang but also of people near and far when traveling to Hai Phong. Known by the beautiful name of the dining paradise of the city of red phoenix flowers, with an area of ??only about 50 square meters, Cat Bi Market Food Area promises to bring everyone countless quality and delicious dishes. The most attractive you will ever know with more than dozens of stalls. Some people even joke that when coming to Cat Bi market, there is nothing that is missing. Indeed, each counter will specialize in its own specialty, so it is very rich, giving you plenty to choose from such as Hai Phong crab spring rolls, pickled avocado, pickled coconut...

10. Bach Dang Giang relic area
Bach Dang Giang is a relic site located in Trang Kenh village, Minh Duc town, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city. The relic area is 20 hectares wide, located in the Trang Kenh scenic complex recognized in 1962. This place is associated with three famous naval battles in the nation's history of fighting foreign invaders. The three naval battles were, the battle of Ngo Quyen to defeat the Southern Han army in 938, the battle of Le Hoan to defeat the Song army in 981 and the battle of Tran Quoc Tuan to defeat the Yuan Mongol army in 1288.

Above is a summary of the top great tourist destinations in Hai Phong that you definitely cannot miss. we hope that you will have interesting and memorable experiences on your journey to discover this city of red Flamboyant flowers.